Bruce Barthelette

"The "Big Guy"  World Trick Shot Artist

connecticut apa

Offering one of the most unique billiards experiences in the Connecticut area.

Established in 1989, The Connecticut APA has grown to be the 2nd Largest League in the Country!

With over 900 teams playing weekly, at over 200 Host Locations, our players have the option to play pretty much any night of the week. That's what makes the Connecticut APA unique.

Join one of our teams or put a team together!

8-ball, 9-ball, double jeopardy, women's, master's divisions

Spring Session starts Jan 11, 2015

Call today to join. This 16-week session will teach you all the basics, plus you'll have tons of fun. Meet People, Play Pool and Have Fun!  

Signup your friends, family & co-workers.  888-APA-POOL

9-Ball Division, 8-Ball, Double Jeopardy, Ladies, Masters, Doubles formats available

The APA has several formats to choose from. Come play with the league that cares about their players and take a chance to go to VEGAS!

New 8-Ball ALOHA Division 
 It's cold outside. Why not enjoy competing for a chance to go to VEGAS & HAWAII. Enjoy a trip with your Team.  Put your Dream Team together and call our office. You may also download info on our website: