Bruce Barthelette

"The "Big Guy"  World Trick Shot Artist

These shots are mostly setup shots, although skill is certainly required. Often, there are a cluster of multiple balls set in specific configuration so that all of the balls go into a pocket

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What are Trick Shots?

Trick Shots, or Artistic pool, is an entertaining and demanding discipline of pool, just like any other game. Casual observers are often fascinated by the poetic dancing of the balls and their magical disappearances into the pockets.

Draw shots require the cue ball to be hit below center giving it backspin so  when it hits an object ball, it will return back along it's initial path. Sometimes this is also referred to as a reverse or drag.



Bank Shots are where the object ball contacts one or more rails before going into a pocket. Kick shots are where the cue ball contacts one or more rails before contacting an object ball, often making it.

Follow is the opposite of draw,the cue ball is struck above center giving it top spin so it continues along it's initial path after it hits an object ball.

Jump Shots are those obviously where the cue ball leaves the table surface. This happens more than you might think even in standard pool games. Although jump shots are generally utilized to jump over obstructing balls, they can also be used to jump directly into an object ball with surprising effects.


While  most trick shots require a decent stroke, stroke shots require particularly good technique and control. Shots where the cue ball is or even frozen to an object ball are in example. Also, speed control and accuracy position shots would be categorized into this discipline.



Masse Shots are where the cue ball is loaded up with so much spin, that it deviates from its obvious straight line path without hitting a rail or an object ball. These are the shots that some people will not believe when they see and are the most difficult to perform.


a true world champion & Trick Shot Artist

Bruce Barthelette

a true legend in the world of trick shots

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